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* Branding

Our Branding service specializes in working with businesses looking to sprucing up their look and feel of the brand. Our team uses their extensive experience in marketing and pharmaceutical advertising to help you and your business make an impact. Below are some items that we specialize in.


  • Logo Development                

  • Printed Materials

  • Convention Displays

• Leave behinds

Art Conversion

Our Art conversion service specializes in manually re-drawing images into vector format. We can take images from Jpegs to pencil drawings and convert them into vectors.

Files in vector format are scalable and can be used for following: See examples


  • Large Format Printing                • Line Art for engraving

  • Cut-Ready art for signs             • Screen Printing 

  • Vehicle wraps                             • Web Use & more

Image Retouching

Our Retouching service specializes in the process of getting an image ready for final presentation. The process is made of variety of techniques and can either drastically
or subtly change the image for final usage. See examples

Print Production

Our Print Production service specializing in building final mechanicals for Printing. Our mechanicals go through a extensive checklist that ensures that all files are built to size, color specifications are met, images are at there highest resolution with proper bleed and Indication Marks (Crop, fold, pref). Special finishing instructions are also included in order to communicate with printer. See examples

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